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The terrific view on the wallpaper mural is from helicopter. The lights of the skyscrapers are wonderfully beautiful. On the background in the middle is situated Empire State Building. Not only business booming in this metropolis. The situation is similar with art. There is an unbelievable mix of cultures in the city, with certainly left their mark on local creativity. Overall, thinking of New Yorkers is very unusual. One of the engines of the city is that people are more unusual and do not place limitations and restrictions in thinking and outlook. This explains why there is "Metropolitan" Museum, which is among the largest and richest in the world. Innumerable are the shows that most celebrities are exported in the sports complex, located on Madison Avenue - Madison Square Garden. In the heart of New York passes a wide boulevard, which name needs no advertisement. Broadway is one of the most famous streets in the world. On it are some of the best theaters in the world. To participate or attend some of the performances that are played here has become a question of prestige.

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1. The print quality is superb.
2. The surface is Matte for deep and solid look without reflection . 
3. The murals are water resistant. The surface is UV matte coated, which protects the colors for many years.
4. The installing of the murals is as usual - by applying glue on the back of the rolls.
( glue is included with each mural )
We offer self adhesive material for applying the mural without glue, but the surface of installation must be non-porous or glossy.