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- British Flag
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On the wallpaper mural are depicted two of the emblems of the British capital London - Big Ben and the red two - floored buses, which are passing through the bridge. These buses can't be seen anywhere else in the world. Actually Big Ben is the name of the bell, which is located in the tower, which is considered the largest bell, which is inserted into the clock mechanism. Big Ben Clock Tower is, which is part of the architectural complex of the Palace of Westminster. The unique appearance and impressive architecture of Big Ben won him immediately after his appearance on the glory of one of the most popular symbols of Britain. People, who have been in London and have felt the magic of the city will adore the wall mural.

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 About our murals : 
1. The print quality is superb.
2. The surface is Matte for deep and solid look without reflection . 
3. The murals are water resistant. The surface is UV matte coated, which protects the colors for many years.
4. The installing of the murals is as usual - by applying glue on the back of the rolls.
( glue is included with each mural )
We offer self adhesive material for applying the mural without glue, but the surface of installation must be non-porous or glossy.