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Ocean - Coast

- The Best Terrace
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The amazing view of the terrace of the restaurant, which is on the very coast of the ocean is described on the ocean landscape murals. There is a open terrace with very elegant interior - exquisite tables with chairs and big pots with exotic bushes and palm tree in the middle. The guests of the restaurant have the opportunity to watch the waves of the ocean, which are under them. The terrace has a very charming furniture and the place is very romantic, because the coast with the green bushes is at few metres away. The weather is sunny and the terrace is perfect for the coffee in the morning or a cup of tea in the afternoon. The coast near the terrace makes the landscape amazing and unforgetable. Tourists will appreciate the beauty of the murals with the terrace on the coast.

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 About our murals : 
1. The print quality is superb.
2. The surface is Matte for deep and solid look without reflection . 
3. The murals are water resistant. The surface is UV matte coated, which protects the colors for many years.
4. The installing of the murals is as usual - by applying glue on the back of the rolls.
( glue is included with each mural )
We offer self adhesive material for applying the mural without glue, but the surface of installation must be non-porous or glossy.