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- Pleasant Fountain Aura
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This beautiful calm lake with a waterfall in the autumn is depicted on the waterfall murals. The water of the lake springs very high and has formed a wonderful waterfall. The picture is sunny and joyful, which makes it suitable for every room. There are many birches on the shores of the lake, which are scenic and beautiful. The shores are covered with fresh green grass even in autumn, thanks to the lake. On the background there are many bright trees - red, yellow and orange. It seems like the murals have hidden sense. Due to the advent of autumn, the water still, calm and quiet, just as someone has already developed self-realization.

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 About our murals : 
1. The print quality is superb.
2. The surface is Matte for deep and solid look without reflection . 
3. The murals are water resistant. The surface is UV matte coated, which protects the colors for many years.
4. The installing of the murals is as usual - by applying glue on the back of the rolls.
( glue is included with each mural )
We offer self adhesive material for applying the mural without glue, but the surface of installation must be non-porous or glossy.